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Learning PHP Course


PHP is a popular open source programming language used for interactive web applications. It is ideal for beginners and the author has provided a built-in IDE so that you do not need to install PHP or any text editor. Just use your web browser to begin. The web version of the book includes a placeholder bookmark feature to easily proceed in the future.

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Beginners guide to the PHP programming language. PHP is used to develop interactive web applications. The author makes PHP easy to learn.

PHP is open source and can be used by both beginners and experienced programmers.

Important topics covered include basic PHP syntax, variables, string formatting, loops, arrays, functions and objects.

With the web version of the book, you will be able to use the built-in IDE and compile the code right in your favourite web browser. No need to external text editors or development platforms. You do not need to install PHP for the web version of the book.

You will learn how to program using PHP 8.2 as of the year 2024 as prepared by the author. The author is a profession programmer that uses PHP to create custom applications for his clients. Some of the custom work created by the author involves ecommerce sites, manipulating large datasets, backup scripts, migrating websites to different platforms, integrating third-party services such as maps, payment platforms, email marketing, scraping, logistics and social media login.

The author will be available to answer your questions regarding the web version of the book via the contact form and will also be available for expedited answers for a small fee.

Once the web version of the book is purchased, you will see a new entry in your “My Account” page called Paid Content. Click on Paid Content and you will be provided a link to this book. You must be logged in to view the content of the book.

To use the placeholder feature, click on the “Remember This Page” button to save your current page in the web version of the book.

When you finish, you can now print a certificate.


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