Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

This Section deals with Downloadable Products (that is products downloaded) such as books, movies, music and software. Assume that all work is copyrighted by respective owners, and unless stated otherwise, you must not sell or re-distribute any material without the owner's explicit permission.

This Section deals with Shippable Products (that is products shipped out), the conditions will default to manufacturer's specifications.

For all other items, such as Service and products that fall in both Downloadable and Shippable, the conditions of acceptable use will default to point of sale. That is, you will need to get permission from the location the product or service was purchased.

You are free to use the products for personal uses in according to the law where you reside. When attempting to reproduce any results in any products or services purchased, you will not hold the seller responsible for any irregularities caused by not following instructions or no fully comprehending the tasks.

Downloadable products will be provided for one week and you will have a maximum of 5 downloads. If you have any questions or queries, please use the contact us link and submit your comments or concerns.

NOTE: Always consult an expert or doctor before attempting any exercises, cooking or any other help product or service